Inmates on less serious charges can be freed thanks to COVID-19

Princeton, WV (WOAY) – In the fight against the spread of COVID-19 it’s safe to say in the coming weeks more inmates will walk free not endangering the public but hoping to help society by not overcrowding jails.

“Yes we are concerned about the coronavirus, yes we are concerned about concentrated populations but we have to but we have to also consider public safety. where people have committed violent offensives or offensive with great danger to the public safety like repeat DUIs, or DUIs with injury, those people just have to stay in jail,” said Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler.

Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler and his colleagues has already reviewed the entire jail list. According to Sitler after analyzing each case, one by one, there wasn’t an single inmate in the regional jail that qualified to be released early.

“At this point everyone, having elevated the entire list we’re confident that everyone currently in the regional jail is there for a good reason.” Sitler said.

Prison reform advocates say those in jail are at higher risk of catching and passing on COVID-19. The concern is not only for inmates but also the workers.

“We continue to elevate each and every case to determined whether there is a good reason for somebody to be in jail. If we’re just talking about an minimal property crime where they don’t have a prior record we’ll certainly take a look at letting people out pending trial,” said Sitler.

Sitler says that him and his team will continue to review cases to find eligible inmates.

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