Infectious disease specialist at WVU insists public follows social distancing rules

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – As more cases of COVID-19 continue to pop up in West Virginia, many are nervous about what to do. Officials urge people to stay home to prevent spread of the disease.

Kathryne Moffett, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at WVU Medicine, is insisting people follow the concept of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Pretty soon the cases that we’re gonna have in West Virginia unfortunately aren’t of people that have never left here, but got it from others. We don’t need to be going around our state passing it to each other. We need to stay home. Stay home,” Moffett said.

In the case you begin feeling symptoms of COVID-19, like a dry cough or fever, then it’s heavily encouraged for you to call your healthcare provider before heading out.

“We are encouraging you to talk to your provider first and maybe you don’t need to be seen, maybe you can just go get tested. I don’t think everyone needs to go to an office, don’t go to urgent care or the ER. Don’t go to the ER. We’re just gonna spread this. Call first.”

And even if you do find yourself testing positive, then you should still stay home if you are well enough to stay out of the hospital. 

“So if you are sick but well enough to be at home, then you can go get tested and go right back home.”

Staying home is especially important even if you feel completely fine. You may still have the virus but aren’t showing symptoms.

What’s unique about this virus is that you can be contagious for days before you show any symptoms. So you think you’re fine and you go visit grandma, and then you give it to grandma and maybe you’re not all that sick or you’re sick and you get over it. And then grandma gets really ill and needs to be hospitalized.”

No one is sure how long the pandemic will last. COVID-19 is certainly not going away anytime soon, and West Virginia will only see more and more cases pop up in the coming weeks. Officials urge the practice of social distancing now to help slow the spread.

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