I ‘Heart NY/WV’ art show offers slice of Big Apple and Mountain State

‘I Heart New York and West Virginia’ is both a historical and local pop-up art show… featuring iconic NYC art from curator Jose Rizo’s private collection.

New York is the hub of the art world, many famous artists depicted and studied New York and it has a rich history and energy of the city.

To complement that, Rizo chose fifteen West Virginia artists who have creatively depicted the mountain state.

“I think everybody has seen the famous buildings and the architecture so actually whenever you come and look at some of the paintings that I own or etchings you’ll see familiar locations that you’ve seen in movies,” said Rizo. “So I think everybody kind of is familiar with New York even if they haven’t been there.”

According to the curator, he is extremely proud because as an avid art collector and visitor of galleries and museums, it’s great to be able to put his own show together.

“I’m just very thankful to all our sponsors and thankful to the community who has supported us and had so many nice things to say,” Rizo said. “And I think the excitement is building.”

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