Humane Society

If you are a dog lover, than this story might catch your interest. Four year old Jasper, is a dog at the Humane Society of Raleigh County where he has been housed for a couple of years now.  Before coming to the shelter, Casper bit two young girls leaving one with a substantial scar. After the State Supreme Court heard about this, they ordered Jasper to live at the shelter and have absolutely no contact with the other animals at the shelter. During an interview with Teresa Hicks, she stated, “Were not permitted to let him communicate with other dogs. Jasper has been kept to himself since we’ve had him here.”  Although, Jasper did bite the two girls, Teresa believes that no dog should be put down and that Jasper should be given a second chance at life. She stated in the interview that, “We don’t like to see any animal put down even for sickness.  Jaspers not sick, there is nothing wrong with Jasper.  Were just begging the community and all of our friends to help us give Jasper a second chance at life.”  The Humane Society of Raleigh County has set up a petition on their Facebook page, there you will find a link named, Once you click on this link, you can then sign your name in support of saving Jaspers life.  The shelter, also recommends any animal lover to write a letter to the Governor.  You can bring this letter to the Humane Society of Raleigh County in Beckley, you can also fax or email your letter.

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