Historic Fayette Theater’s annual Christmas Show is coming up!

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- The Historic Fayette Theater is putting on their annual Christmas show, but this year with a twist as they are doing a musical for this festive time of year.

They are bringing the show “Rented Christmas” to their stage. The show is about John Dale wanting to rent a Christmas because he hasn’t celebrated Christmas since his parents died. He goes to a rent shop to rent Christmas thinking Christmas is just a transaction. But the show’s leads explain how there’s more to this story, and Christmas, then just money.

“I think the show is basically the opposite of the title, ‘A Rented Christmas,’ that you can’t rent, a Christmas you can’t buy a Christmas,” said Missy Strong, who plays Anne Weston. “It’s a feeling that you’re going to get in your heart from like your family and people that are around you. ”

“Yeah, I think that’s true. I mean, it starts out as a commercial transaction, but it turns into so much more. That’s really just about the warmth and love of the family. And that comes together, whether they’re by blood or by some other means that everybody came together,” added Wes Reid, who plays John Dale.

Jordyn Floyd, one of the orphans in the show, explains how this show is about family and how they are able to bring that feeling to the audience.

“The Fayette theater for me has always been sort of like a family, and so I feel like that’s really translated into the show because I feel like I’ve really gotten to know everybody who’s in the show. And at the same time, I think the show is a show for families,” said Floyd, who plays Jean. “It’s a musical. So, it’s fun and it’s funny, but it’s also very heartwarming. And I think it’s going to reach people a lot in a certain way with Christmas time.”

This show is directed by Cindy White, and she talks about how she chose this musical.

“You know, I just had never directed a musical. I love them. And I read the script and said, I think this is the one, especially when I found that I could involve so many kids. And that’s kind of one of my goals when I direct is to kind of get kids on stage. So, this was the one,” explained white, the shows director.

Speaking of the kids, they were very excited to talk about their characters in the show.

“If I’m an orphan that, like we kind of spend time with our family because we don’t have a family. I mean, this rented Christmas, having the family is pretty good. So, we like spend time with them and like, do whatever we can to make this rented Christmas great, though, compared to other years,” explained Violet, who plays Lettie.

“Well, our Whitford children. We come into the scene, and we sing the First Noel, and then, we spend Christmas with the Dale family,” said Madeline, who plays one of the Whitford children.

“My character gives out papers to people, and he sings Christmas carols, insides of houses,” said Samuel, who plays Tom.

With all the kids, love, music, and Christmas spirit White hopes that audiences can leave the theater with this.

“Yeah, I think it’s just a real feel-good story. It will warm your heart. It’s not a comedy, so there’s not a lot of funny parts, but there’s a lot of joy in the story and the music, the cast. So, I think they’ll just come away with a great true spirit of Christmas after they see this one,” expressed White.

And for those who can’t make it cast members wanted to say…

“Please have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. God bless,” said Reid.

“Have a nice Thanksgiving and a great Christmas,” said Madeline. “And a Happy New Year,” added Samuel.

“Have a great new year’s,” said Violet.

The show runs December 1st-3rd and the 8th-10th. You can visit the website below to see times and purchase tickets.


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