Hinton organizations raise money for resident’s therapy needs

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Organizations came together to raise funds for a community member’s physical therapy needs. 

DJ Pettry is a Summers County resident who’s in the process of being evaluated for a lung transplant. Part of the process involves attending daily physical therapy sessions in North Carolina. Those sessions will take two months to complete. His family along with the Hinton Hope Foundation are trying to raise money to help with the moving and therapy costs. 

Laura Lilly, the Hinton Hope Foundation’s Executive Director, says Duke University has recommended

“Duke University has set a goal for him to reach, as far as dollar amount, in order for him to even start the program. And it can’t start until the funds are raised.”

They’re holding a fundraiser outside the Lifeline Church in Hinton. With the help of various local organizations, they’re hoping other residents will chip in to help with the costs. 

“It seems like every vehicle has stopped and given something, and the firefighters have been wonderful just telling the passersby what’s going on and why we’re raising the money, so it’s been great so far.” 

The organizations involved include the Hinton Hope Foundation, Hinton Police Department, Summers County EMS and every single local fire department in Summers County. They say it’s incredible to see so many people come out to support a local member of their community. 

“Summers County is a phenomenal place when everyone comes together anyway, but this is the first even that I’ve been involved with where so many people have come together. Just send out a group message on Facebook, and everyone was willing to help. They asked ‘how many people do you need, what time do you need us there, what can we do?’ So it’s been a great experience so far.”

The initial fundraising goal for Pettry’s physical therapy is $7,500. Anyone wishing to donate to the cause can visit the Hinton Hope Foundation’s Facebook page, and donate to their Go Fund Me.

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