High school coaches adjusting to new reality

COAL CITY, WV (WOAY) – Week 1 of high school football has come and gone, though it was an opening week like no other.

Instead of packed stands with hundreds of fans, only parents were allowed to attend games. Some schools even held their Senior Nights, just in case future games are cancelled.

Head coaches like John H. Lilly of Independence are reflecting on the strange new reality of high school sports in the middle of a pandemic.

“It’s really weird playing in front of just maybe a hundred people,” said Lilly. “If anybody’s ever been to an Independence game win, lose or draw, we’re packed. It’s a community event, it’s just not a game. The last two years we’ve been sold out almost every game and it was just really weird getting used to it. But, at least we’re getting to play and a lot of people aren’t getting to play. So, we’re thankful and thank god for the opportunity to get to play.”


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