Hatfield and McCoy trails see increased use after reopening in time for Memorial Day

BRAMWELL, WV (WOAY) – The Hatfield and McCoy trails were closed for about two months since the start of West Virginia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. And now that they’ve reopened, trail riders are coming out during the holiday to enjoy themselves. 

“It’s just a fun, exciting day y’know? No speed limits! That’s the best thing,” One rider said.

Although the trails have been closed for two months, that doesn’t mean the staff hasn’t been upkeeping them. The staff makes sure that the trails are clear and well-maintained enough for riders to enjoy. That and the recent string of good weather has made the trails very welcoming for riders. 

“Trails are actually damp right now, there’s no dust. Makes it a lot better. I can handle the mud but the dust is something else,” another rider said.

These out-of-state trail riders are well-experienced. They’ve come to the trails multiple times over the past nine years. One says that one of the best experiences of the trails is just being able to have a good time with your friends. 

“We have a great time. Companionship is a great thing, so it’s a great day.” 

Although the trails are a staple of Southern West Virginia, the state gets a lot of income from out-of-state riders. People come from all around the region to get a chance to ride the trails. 

“Just enjoying this beautiful weather and the mountains. We come very often. If I had my choices, I’d move to West Virginia.”

The trails aren’t just a good income generator for the state. Many local businesses located all around the trail system depend on it for passive income. And during the two months that the trails were closed, many are excited to finally have a boost in income from the out-of-state riders.

The Hatfield and McCoy trail system has more than 1,000 miles of interconnecting trails.

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