Harmony For Hope seeking candidate for Preserve WV AmeriCorps

MOUNT HOPE, WV (WOAY) – Harmony For Hope of Mount Hope has partnered with Preserve WV, the AmeriCorps program of the Preservation Alliance of WV whose mission is to preserve local history and help build communities.

The organization is now seeking one AmeriCorp candidate to get involved in this rewarding opportunity for the Town of Mt. Hope.

“I’m a Preservation Alliance AmeriCorps alumnus and I had the honor of working on the Historic Mt. Hope Walking Trail and getting a start with that, and now the Mt. Hope Revitalization Coalition has started looking into how to expand the trail, we’re kind of going into a phase two of the trail, and we’re looking to bring on a new Preservation AmeriCorp member,” says Carrie Kidd, executive director of Harmony For Hope.

This Historic Mt. Hope Walking Trail was founded in 2018 as a way to highlight the architecture of the early coalfield’s era, and one project the AmeriCorps candidate will do is help expand this historic trail.

“The Historic Walking Trail itself is going to see the installation of about 52 signs by the end of the summer that will give a detailed history of Mt. Hope and turn the town into the first outdoor walking museum in the state of West Virginia,” she says.

Along with this exciting opportunity, the candidate will also help the town prepare for the Smithsonian Institute’s visit to Mt. Hope next year, as they make their trek across rural America capturing the revitalization being made there. And Harmony For Hope’s executive director Carrie Kidd says this is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

“I feel like it’s an honor to be able to preserve the history, but also it’s an honor to be able to provide an opportunity for someone to be able to come into the community and really find themselves, put their feet on the ground, and build a career so they can stay in the community.”

The year-long commitment for this future AmeriCorps member will provide them with many benefits, including a $1,000-dollar monthly stipend, a childcare allowance, and other benefits that will make volunteering in the area possible.

If you’re interested in becoming the AmeriCorps candidate for Harmony For Hope, you can apply at americorps.gov, fill out a resume, and search for the Preservation Alliance on the website.

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