Greenbrier County starts school year with staggered schedules

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – About 50 percent of kids are back in the classroom in Greenbrier County. 

Greenbrier County started the first day of school in the green phase, which essentially staggers student’s schedule by grade level. 

“The first day is going great. Today, we have 1st and 5th grade students. Teachers were here to meet them at the door to walk them to their classrooms. It’s nice with the staggered start, I had extra staff that could help with the other teachers and students,” said White Sulphur Springs Elementary Principal Tina Campbell. 

The first day of school was dedicated to teaching the students proper procedures such as, how to wear a mask, and how to practice social distancing in the hallways and cafeteria. 

“My motto is if you want it, teach it. So we are teaching them everything today with all the producers. Just making them feel welcome and knowing what’s going on.” 

While this is not the first day everyone hoped for, Campbell says all the new protocols haven’t stopped students’ excitement.  

“Students love being back in school, getting back into routine and seeing their teachers. I think they miss their old teachers but their excited to go into the new classrooms.”

Currently, White Sulphur Springs Elementary is at 55 percent capacity, but Campbell says that can change at any time during the semester.   

The parents do have a option that throughout the semester if they choose to switch to remote or in person they have the choice to do it one time a semester,” said Campbell. 

For more information on scheduling, the complete staggered schedule is available at

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