Greenbrier County has temporarily closed all schools due to the flu outbreak.

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Greenbrier County has temporarily closed all schools for three days due to the flu outbreak. Over 900 students have flu-like symptoms giving the school districts no other choice than close temporarily.

“I had a conversation with medical professionals yesterday as well as our school principles and other personnel, school nurse, and so forth and we all agree that it was time to take this break. in fact clean give children the opportunity to recover. The census is that this was the right thing to do and the right time to do it,” said Greenbrier County Superintendent Jeff Byrant.

Greenbrier County school district decided to keep all sports in action which caused concern for some of the parents in the area.

“We’re late in the winter season for wresting and basketball. I’m also not thinking about our children but the children from the other school districts that are in session and these games are scheduled. We’re getting close to playoffs implications, our scholarship implications. Therefore I had to look at wrestling, basketball, and everyone involved there felt It’s the best thing to do to allow this to happen,” said Bryant.

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