Great Clips opens in MacArthur

MACARTHUR, WV (WOAY) – It’s all about bringing business back to the small town.

So opening Great Clips in the MacArthur area is a thrill for the co-owners. Their future hope is to have five salons — from Bluefield to Beckley.

“This is more of a small town and so, not knowing who we are… but I promise you’ll enjoy it if you come to Great Clips,” said Chief Operating Officer Carla Ochier.

She says it’s a great feeling to keep growing the business — from eight salons in 2015 to their current 19.

“A lot of stylists miss that when they work for a franchise. They don’t know who they are and they just feel like a number.”

Ochier says despite the brand name, Great Clips is family-oriented. They regularly interact with their staff and send them to ongoing training.

“That’s very passionate and close to me that you know who the owner is, that you are able to speak how you feel and be listened to and heard as a stylist,” she said.

At the MacArthur location, they only provide haircuts. Their price points are ala carte. A haircut is $13 if you’re over 65 or 10 and under. It’s $15 for everyone else in between.

“If you wanted a shampoo you’re then gonna add on to that base price or if you wanted a beard trim, you would add on to that base price,” said the chief operating officer. “If you wanted a style, you would add on to that base price.”

The salon is walk-ins only. Download the app, sign in, and check in with your information; that puts you on the list for text alerts. Ochier says the challenge is coming to a market where no one has heard of Great Clips. She invites you to come out and give them a try. All of their stylists and barbers are licensed cosmetologists.

“We’re always looking to provide opportunities for growth,” said the chief operating officer.”(If) you have a cosmetology or barber license and you’re looking for something new in your career, by all means, you can either sign online at or you can come into the salon and ask for an application.”

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