Governor Justice Adds Six Women To PEIA Taskforce

CHARLESTON, WV-  Gov. Jim Justice announced today that he will add six additional women to the task force responsible for addressing issues with insurance provided by the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA).


Justice named the task force on Thursday, which includes people from the business, education, labor and legislative fields.


There was only two women on the task force, Christine Campbell and former AFT-West Virginia President Judy Hale.


House of Delegates Minority Leader Tim Miley, D-Harrison and Sen. Bob Beach, D-Monongalia, sent letters to Justice asking for additional female representation on the PEIA Task Force. Beach requested three of the women appointed be classrooms teachers and the other three minority members.


Miley also requested adding a current non-education state employee and retired non-education employee to the task force.


“Governor increase PEIA Task Force by six. All women. Thank you Governor Justice,” Beach tweeted after the announcement.


Justice will make the appointments Monday.

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