Gov. Justice praises WV employees for workforce unemployment success, appoints two women to further help in the state’s workforce aim

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Just a week ago, Governor Jim Justice announced that West Virginia’s workforce unemployment had dropped to 3.5% during May of 2022– the lowest unemployment rate seen in the state for 8 consecutive months.

He expressed his gratitude toward the state and its employees during Wednesday’s Covid-19 briefing for the historical milestone.

“This is 8 consecutive state records,” Justice says. “This is not like we decreased the unemployment rate, this is all-time in history, the lowest unemployment rate in the state of West Virginia 8 times in a row.”

Following that, Justice announced his recent appointing of two women who will further serve in helping the state in its workforce success, in addition to helping bring more funds into the state.

Melissa Decker has been appointed to lead West Virginia’s Washington D.C office, and she will work to identify areas for more federal grant funding the state could potentially bring in. As the state’s newly-appointed Workforce Resiliency Officer, Lorrie Smith will help to coordinate workforce development, job training, and education to continue leading the state’s employees in a positive direction.

“This is a person that will match training to potential employment, to a need for employment, to all kinds of different things that will really and truly be the glue that is putting it all together and making it work,” he says.

Governor Justice said that both women will serve as a positive asset in representing West Virginia.

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