Get the art experience: BEX Arts Week returns

Becks Arts Week is back transforming the city, and you can get your art fix for two more days.

This is their fifth year… producing captivating creations not typically seen in Beckley.

“We’ve had obscure installations, and we’ve had game shows and we’re gonna have an unfair this weekend,” said Saja Montague, president of BEX Arts Week, and visual arts director of Beckley Arts Center. “We also had a grant from the Beckley Area Foundation that funded all of our workshops, so we still have three left this week.”

BEX first kicked off in 2019 during the height of the pandemic as a chance for local artists to come together and represent the Beckley arts community.

“First year we had over 200 people involved in organizing it and then obviously through 2020, 2021 and 2022 it was a lot different and we had to change it and shift it and
Really adapt to our environment,” Montague said. “But this year we’re back and I feel like we’re really getting back up to that level.”

When it comes to the packed week, she says they focus a lot on visual arts.

“That includes photography, painting, clay and we also have a lot of music and performing arts that are involved as well.”

And Montague said their workshops run through 10 different mediums.

“So anyone with any interest in any field could maybe get a little taste and learn something during the arts week,” she said, adding it’s a fun, unique experience that will hopefully inspire people to start creating themselves.

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