Former Chipotle co-CEO visits McDowell County for upcoming documentary series

McDOWELL COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The former co-CEO of Chipotle Monty Moran recently paid a visit to McDowell County while working on an upcoming documentary series.

Monty Moran has interviewed tens of thousands of people in his life and gotten to know them. While working as the co-CEO of Chipotle, he interviewed thousands of restaurant employees in an effort to know and understand them. He then used those experiences to build up Chipotle’s culture that has helped turn it into a national chain.

Recently, Moran has been visiting places all around North America to understand the relationships between people.

“I interviewed over 20,000 people while working at Chipotle and sat down with them one-on-one. And those experiences were something I wanted to continue once I retired from Chipotle by continuing to go out, meet people, and getting to know them. And this docuseries was one way of doing that,” Moran said.

Moran has visited many places across North America for his docuseries, one of them being McDowell County. He visited some time ago to meet locals and understand what they’re all about.

“McDowell County is a very diverse place. It’s gone through an incredibly difficult history. You hear some things that are negative about the place, but when you go find them i find beautiful people who are incredibly bright. They care about each other and take care of each other.” 

The docuseries is called CONNECTED: A Search for Unity. It suggests that people are all connected in some way, either through a desire to be seen, or by experiences and struggles. 

“Maybe the biggest thing I’ve learned through it is the value of struggle. And West Virginia is an excellent example of how the history of struggle, hardship and hard work has allowed people to overcome immense challenges.”

CONNECTED: A Search for Unity will premiere as multiple episodes on PBS stations across the country. It will be available sometime within the next two months.

The episode featuring McDowell County will be the third in the series, and will be titled ‘The County that Built the Country.’

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