First Friday, community events happening in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Downtown Lewisburg was having fun as they held their June First Friday After Five; an event to feature the beauty of downtown and all it has to offer.

The first Friday of every month is what downtown Lewisburg calls First Friday After Five. From five to eight, there is live music, fun, artwork and food for you to enjoy. And as the city says, the lights will be on and the town will be alive.

On top of the First Friday event, the city was also hosting a rally for better broadband, where people spoke on the importance of having adequate high-speed Internet.

West Virginia Senator Stephen Baldwin says, “All across the county, we know that we do not have adequate broadband. This affects people’s educational opportunities, healthcare opportunities, their small business opportunities and not to mention the quality of life.”

Looking to have surveys filled, the senator says it’s a great way to get better maps of the county to see where is lacking in coverage. This will help them advocate to the Federal Government.

“If you look at the federal maps, you would think Greenbrier County is okay and most of southern West Virginia is okay.” Baldwin says, “We know from our experience on the ground that it’s just not true.”

The idea is that bringing the community together with events like First Friday and the broadband rally will bring the county closer to being heard.

“Everybody, every age. Every political party, every persuasion should agree about this. I think we all know that we need it. We’ve got a real opportunity now in terms of funding coming down. We just need to seize the moment and make it happen.”

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