Fayetteville’s Songwriter Festival returns this weekend

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- The stage is set at the Love Hope Center for the Arts where the Fayetteville’s Songwriter Festival will happen this weekend.

This festival is a yearly event that brings in songwriters from around the country to raise money for the non-profit Coda Mountain Academy. They will have performers at Southside Junction Taphouse, Lost Appalachia, and headliner shows at Love Hope Center for the Arts. The festival coordinator and songwriter Andrew Adkins explains why they do this.

“They have classes for kids that include music lessons, adult education,” explained Adkins. “I believe coda is profoundly important to this community, and it’s probably the reason why my kid will want to live here in 20 years.”

With that, this event is donation based, there will be donation boxes at the venues and QR codes around town for people to donate this weekend. Adkins explains what acts people will see during this year’s festival.

“Well, there are all kinds of songwriters coming in, all genres of songwriters from pop to country to blues to folk. There are all kinds of genres that will be represented here,” said Adkins. “With Songwriting, when people think of songwriters, they always think country or something like that. But, you know, people have to write pop songs too, so there’ll be all different varieties of songwriters here, all around town.”

So if you want something to do this weekend and help raise money for a non-profit, Fayetteville’s Songwriter Festival is the place to be.

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