Fayette County votes to continue blended model with some modifications

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – On Thursday night, the Fayette County Board of Education working alongside the health department voted unanimously to continue with blended learning while also making some adjustments.

This time, there is a possibility for all students to go to school five days a week but the county must remain in green on both incidence (positive cases per 100,000 people) and percent positivity (positive cases out of those tested) on the DHHR map for five straight days.

Starting next week, if Fayette County can stay in green for five straight days under both of these measurements, they will return to school for five days the following week.

If either of these measurements turn to gold, the students will go back to the blended model the following week.

There will also be changes to the blended model starting on November 16 where students will now be in the buildings on Wednesday, but it will alternate.

This means that last names A-L will go three days one week while M-Z goes two, and then the following week M-Z will have three days and A-L will go for two, and that will alternate.

While these were the decisions made for the rest of the semester, Superintendent Gary Hough says this will always remain a fluid situation.

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