Fayette County tax office and courthouses altering daily operations


FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Tax Office is altering their daily procedures.

The office is still open, along with the Courthouse. Both offices will be operating a little differently until this epidemic is over and will be open for business from 8 to 4 daily, but the access will be limited to 3 citizens at a time.

Sheriff Mike Fridley says, If you have business that needs conducted, please feel free to call ahead. When you come by, there will be a Deputy Sheriff at the door to monitor access

You may call: (304)574-4219 for any qustions.

The DMV is also extending the expiration date of any driver’s licenses, instructional permits, or vehicle registrations with an expiration date in March or April of 2020, for three months from the date of the expiration on the face of the document. However, the DMV will continue to renew any of these items online or through the U.S. Mail.


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