Fayette County students and teachers adjust to full hands-on learning during summer program

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Teachers in one county are adjusting to being fully hands-on with their students again.

Fayette County’s summer learning program has students fully back in the classroom and teachers able to work one on one. After a year full of online learning and social distancing, working in-person has been a pleasant adjustment for both teachers and students.

“We have preschoolers who’ve never used the restroom in a high school, much less in a little school,” said Fayette County Master Teacher Chasity Lesher. “We’ve got kids who’ve never used a lunch tray because we ate lunch in the classroom this year and it was delivered to the rooms. So we’re still tackling obstacles, even though we’re getting back to the norm. These are just things that they’ve never gotten to experience. They’re getting an opportunity to experience that and I think that’ll help them when they start school in the fall.”

Lesher added that mask and social distancing guidelines are slowly being adjusted, allowing for even more collaboration between students.

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