Fayette County sees uptick in overdose deaths over weekend

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) –  Fayette County has seen a small spike in heroin overdoses this past weekend. According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, three people across the county died within hours apart of using the drug.

Within a 24 hour period, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office responded to three heroin overdose deaths.

“We’re investigating them right now. What’s hard about these kinds of investigations because there are illegal activities going on. Trying to find out where the supply came from because these people could be looking at murder charges,” said Sheriff Fridley.

Two of the deaths reported were within hours apart. The third death occurred the next morning. Despite the close proximity,  it is still unknown if the deaths are connected or if the drugs came from the same supplier.

“We don’t know if it was a bad batch of heroin. We don’t know if it’s just because with everything that going on and people are stuck in their homes more and using more. It’s a hard investigation to work when it’s dealing with an overdose death,” said Sheriff Fridley.

Sheriff Fridley says a year ago the department arrested hundreds of people on drug-related charges in Fayette County alone. He says despite the coronavirus pandemic the drug usage has not slowed down.

“The drug problem doesn’t stop with the coronavirus going on and that’s another thing that we the law enforcement has to deal with day in and day out. I get calls every day that people are walking the streets and going to certain homes and it takes time to investigate these things,” said Sheriff Fridley.

This is still an ongoing investigation. Stay with WOAY for further details.

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