Fayette County Schools host open house to show upgrades

HICO, WV (WOAY) – “These upgrades are really important to us.”

You can’t blame Midland Trail High School Principal Richard Petitt for his excitement. After a year of construction, Midland Trail
s new office space is finally finished, with an upgraded conference room and individual offices for staff members.

“It’s allowed us an opportunity to be in spaces like we’re sitting in now,” Petitt said. “We can have conferences and places to actually meet. Before, we were trying to find classrooms, closets or whatever we could find.”

Midland Trail is one of two schools in the county who just finished upgrades. This brand new gym is also part of the new look. Superintendent Gary Hough says he’s excited about the progress in the county, for both students and staff.

“Now we’re on the progress end of that spectrum,” Hough said.

Fayette County Schools hasn’t been in position to fund these kinds of upgrades since the 1970’s Petitt’s hopeful after the success of the Midland Trail project, other schools throughout the county will have these kinds of opportunities going forward.

“I think it brings some pride back to Fayette County,” Petitt said.

Hough also knows there’s more work to be done in the county. But, the impact of these projects should make it easier to take advantage of the best position Fayette County Schools has been in in a long time.

“All of these renovations and enhancing those student learning environments just makes our whole school system that much better,” Hough said.

Midland Trail will have an open house tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. to show off its new space. Valley PreK-8 will be showing its new CTE lab with a 7:00 p.m. open house.

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