Fayette County Parks and Recreation hosts Veterans Day Salute

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – In honor of Veterans Day, Fayette County Parks and Recreation held a Veterans Day Salute to recognize all who have served in the military.

Wednesday Fayette County community members gathered at Soldier’s and Sailors Memorial Building to honor those who have fought for the country. 

“I think being a veteran and serving for the military helped to really instill a sense of pride and service to your community,” Guest Speaker William Hughus said.  

The ceremony included speeches from local veterans and members of the community who loved ones who served in the military like Fayette County resident Lita Eskew who husband served for the country and received a purple heart.

“I just want us to remember all of the veterans. Kenny used to say to me freedom is not free and that is so true. So please everyone pray for all veterans,” Eskew said. 

William says another way to honor veterans is showing support to their loved ones. 

“You can’t count the families out on this one either. They also sacrifice their time and even lose family members,” Hughus said. 

There were over five guest speakers and the ceremony ended in prayer.

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