Fayette County moves to next step in mapping system

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Fayette County is moving on to the next step in updating the 911 GIS mapping system.

A couple months ago we told you about Oak Hill officials driving around town to make sure people had the right address marked on their home. Meanwhile, Amanda Arthur took on the rest of Fayette County to do the same.

“There’s a lot of them that are not numbered—a lot of them. That is what we were doing was field verification from the vehicles. Can you see anything on the house, can you see anything on the mailbox, can you verify this or do they have anything marked?” Amanda Arthur, Fayette County Mapping Coordinator.

The changes were sent to a Wilmington North Carolina-based company to update the overall mapping system dispatchers use.

The mapping updates come after changes to how houses are numbered. Most rural areas won’t have a problem with the change but localities like Fayetteville Oak Hill and Mount Hope might run into issues.

”In town, you have your blocks so a lot of it was block numbered and you had 100 block, 200 block so you were 101, 102, 103. In rural areas, they actually have it spaced out and measured, now, more like what they’re doing now.”

Once everything is updated, the 911 center will have the right number, an accurate description and even a picture of the home at each address, allowing for faster response times. In the meantime, Arthur says you should contact 911 mapping if you think you might need to update your house number.

“What you had numbered—that’s what we used, so hopefully this can be as painless as possible. If there are changes that will need to be made, I will have letters written out to get information out to people saying ‘this is what has happened, this is what needs to be changed, unfortunately [it] should’ve been done but hasn’t been done, so it’s gonna have to be now.’”

For the most part, your house is probably numbered correctly—but if you notice that postal services or visitors have trouble finding your house, you may need to call to verify your address

You can contact Amanda to find out if your address is correct at 304-574-4653.

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