Fayette County Humane Society to manage local Animal Shelter

Fayette County, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Commission votes unanimously to work with the new Fayette County Humane Society to manage the County’s Animal Shelter upon New River Humane Society’s departure on November 10.

The Commission has authorized the County Administrator to hire six employees and allocate $75,000 towards purchasing items to provide immediate animal care.

The Administrator further created a team including participants from the Fayette County Commission, Fayette County Animal Control, and the Fayette County and New River Humane Societies to ensure a smooth transition.

The Commission hopes to secure grant funding to build a new, more centrally located facility. The public can expect complete transparency and a shelter that prioritizes the needs of Fayette County residents and animals.

The Fayette County Commission plans to host an open house soon and encourages any volunteers to contact them at 304-574-4290.

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