Fayette County Commission holds special meeting to discuss animal shelter funding

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Commission held a special session on Wednesday to discuss plans to financially support the New River Humane Society.

Commissioners met with staff from the New River Humane Society and members of the public to hear plans on what actions need to be taken. The board was also given more information about what it takes to operate the animal shelter and decided to reanalyze the county’s budget to see if more funding can be made available.

“Not only do we need to revisit for you guys, that’s why there’s money in other contributions if you look at the budget,” said Fayette County Commission President John Brenemen. “That’s where we have extra funding, an extra $70,000. The sheriff needs to be looked at, his budget because he’s not getting any extra cars or anything else this year. Also, Anthony and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office needs to be looked at and so does Michelle and her office needs to be looked at and the circuit clerk.”

The county commission will take up the funding in their May 7th meeting.

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