Fayette County Clerk’s Office releasing online record searching

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – As requested by the residents of Fayette County, the county clerks office will be launching an online record search in the coming weeks.

The online search will allow residents to view public records without having to come down to the courthouse. Fayette County Clerk Michelle Holly said there will be some differences because some records would only contain partial information since personal information cannot be published.

“It will be a little different then if you came in, but most of it will be exactly what you would see if you were to come in here and do the work or if you were to call us and ask for information,” said Fayette County Clerk Michelle Holly. “You’ll be able to search for your parents property or your grandparents or maybe find an old marriage license to see if we have it or not.”

The online record search comes as part of several changes by Clerk Holly to modernize the clerks office and make it more convenient for residents to get information. In addition to the record search, the clerks office will also begin accepting credit cards as a form of payment.

“Which is another thing that I really wanted to get processed here to make things easier for people to use this office and that will be another piece,” Clerk Holly said. “You will be able to print off copies of documents at home if you need something for your records. You still have to come in for certified copies of course that have been signed, but it will smooth out things for the people of Fayette County and make things easier.”

Clerk Holly says that they will continue to add to their online system as time moves on, but plans start allowing for payments with credit cards to begin at the clerks office and for some online documents in a of couple weeks.

The online record search will be available through the clerk’s office website and plans to launch in a of couple weeks.

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