Fayette County Clerk shares safety measures being taken for early voting

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – In-person early voting officially starts this Wednesday. Fayette County is taking all precautions to ensure everyone’s safety during this pandemic.

Early voting is days away and those who don’t apply for an absentee ballot by October 28, must vote in person. Even though many people are still concerned about coming in contact with people at the voting polls, Fayette County Clerk Alisha Treadway says the county is doing everything they can to protect voters. 

“We are going to have gloves for all voters to put on. The masks are not going to be provided to the voters that are coming in, but they will be wearing those,” Treadway said. 

Other precautions the county is taking is installing plexiglass at tables where voters will have to sign in. Hand sanitizer will also be nearby, but the county is asking people to not overdo the hand sanitizer until their ballot is casted. 

“Hand sanitizer if you would like to do that, but I suggest not to hand sanitizer and soak your hands and touch a ballot.” 

Compared to the last election less absentee ballots were requested by a small amount. Even though, The Fayette County Clerk’s Office expects this election to have a bigger in-person turn out, they’re still confident in everyone’s safety. 

“Early voting in the primary was definitely a success. We had several thousand people that came out just about the majority of people that did absentee, so it was pretty good and everyone took safety measures and we’re going to do the same this election,” Treadway said.   

Early voting kicks off this Wednesday and for more information you can call or visit your local county clerk’s office. 


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