UPDATE: Fayette County Board of Education passes mask mandate

UPDATE (8/12 @ 12 p.m.) – Fayette County has passed the mask mandate for the first two weeks of school when students are on buses or indoors.

Individual school cafeteria procedures should be the same as the end of last school year until the mask mandate mandate is listed for that school.

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – One county is finalizing its protocol for masks in schools with the first day approaching.

Fayette County’s preliminary plan has a mask mandate in place for the first two weeks to evaluate the spread of COVID-19 after the return to school. Following the first two weeks, the county would evaluate the DHHR color coding map every Friday morning. If Fayette is in yellow or green, the mask mandate will be lifted for the entire county. Individual schools will have to mask if 2% or more of the student population is positive for COVID, or 5% or more of the student population is in quarantine.

“We will only be mask mandating the first two weeks, just to put our kids in school and see where our counts are at and see what’s happening to protect our students,” said Fayette County Schools’ Superintendent Gary Hough. “After that, the only time we will be masked is if a school as a particular problem.”

The Board will be voting on the proposed plan on Wednesday night, which also states that masks will be mandated on buses.

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