Fayette County agencies discuss the topic of child sexual abuse

MT HOPE, WV (WOAY) – This afternoon, a partnership of Fayette County agencies came together to discuss the topic of child sexual abuse among the youth.

Teens who send sexually explicit pictures might find themselves in hot water with the law. In a meeting held by Fayette County Initiatives The discussion centered around sexting. Summers County Prosecuting Attorney Christian Cook says she has seen up to 15 naked photo complaints in a single school year.

“What parents and children don’t realize when they engaged in behavior that they know is wrong we are going to come in as a criminal justice system and we’re going to have to protect you,” said Cook.

During the meeting, a statewide sexting diversion program was proposed. The program is designed to help minors understand the consequences of sexting without getting them involved In the criminal justice system. Felisha Hartwell a family advocate believes parents are just as important as children in this discussion.

“Parents can keep their children safe by monitoring what’s going on on their children’s personal devices: cell phones, computers, laptops. See where your children are going online, are they going to chat rooms and what type of social media? If your child has a password on their phone, parents should have access to their phone,” said Family Advocate Felisha Hartwell.

For more information on child sexual abuse contact the Fayette County Initiative Facebook’s page.

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