Emergency room doctor discusses vaccine misconceptions

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – The number of COVID-19 and COVID vaccine misconceptions is a growing trend that doctors say is putting those buying into them at risk. One doctor with the American College of Emergency Physicians hopes to dispel these myths once and for all.

“As an emergency physician working in the ER, I’m seeing patients coming in that are refusing to get the vaccine after buying into one of these narratives that are now suffering from the symptoms, and the unfortunate reality is that many of them will never make it out of the hospital,” says Dr. Ryan Stanton, and emergency room physician and member of the ACEP Board of Directors.

Dr. Stanton says that some of these myths include vaccines being responsible for the death of 12 million Americans, to patients saying they’re getting even sicker because of the shot. Yet, many of these misconceptions continue.

“And really most of that is folks who are purposely trying to mislead Americans, and the other is that they just don’t know the data, don’t know the research, didn’t actually look into it but have some sort of agenda they are trying to push forward,” he says.

While the vaccines aren’t completely risk-free, mass distribution around the world continues and so does the rigorous research. Dr. Stanton says, so far, the vaccines are still the best and safest option to fight the virus.

“We should allow the science and evidence to speak for itself, and which, this did, phase 1,2, and 3 trials went through just like they did with any other medications, 40,000 plus in each of these trials of people continue to be followed and continues to be observed and monitored — incredible efficacy and safety.”

Many who have had both the virus and the vaccine say they would take the sore arm, muscle aches, and fatigue of a vaccine any day before having to go through the devastation that is the Coronavirus.

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