Elementary school pairs with Dunkin Donuts for sweet learning opportunity

ANSTED, WV (WOAY) – Something sweet is happening at Ansted Elementary School. A second-grade class paired up with Dunkin Donuts to create a brand new treat for people to try.

The best part is, the children were learning while having fun. Second graders learned persuasive writing through a project that also involved the community, where people could vote on which creative donut was going to be the newest to debut at the Fayetteville Dunkin.

Second-grade teacher Chasity Lesher said, “It’s just a fun way to get them to write. You know, bringing the community into it, it really sparked an interest. Every day the kids would go in and graph how many votes they had. We would look every day to see who was winning, kind of like a race.”

It was Miss Genna Ferrell’s chocolate-dipped blueberry donut that sparked interest in the community, making her the winner of their persuasive writing contest. Ferrell says her inspiration was baking blueberry muffins with her mom. In her opinion, she says this donut will bring a ton of customers through the door.

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