Don Rizo Mexican Kitchen and Cantina celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos invites the spirits of those who’ve passed to return for a brief family reunion to enjoy food, drink and festivities.

“We’re just kind of having a celebration for our employees and two for the people in the area to really kind of get a chance to experience what Dias de las Muertas is like in Mexico,” said general manager Kayla Alred.

The practice of honoring and celebrating the dead dates back thousands of years. Explore the vibrant traditions (flor de muerto), delicious dishes and how Don Rizo Mexican Kitchen and Cantina brings it all to life.

They will have an ofrenda set up, an altar that represents the departed with food and various elements.

“Salt is really important on the ofrenda and incense and fire — and all four of the elements is very important representation on the ofrenda,” Alred said.

Though Dia de los Muertos honors the dead, it is a joyous occasion.

“Of course there’s gonna be a little bit of sadness that goes along with it ’cause you’re remembering your loved ones,” said the general manager. ” But you’re inviting them to come and be with you for these two days and enjoy bread and drink and just be merry with you.”

Kayla has worked with the family that owns Don Rizo’s for almost 10 years.

“I love the culture. I love learning different things about it,” Alred said. “So with this event I created a drink menu special for today really honoring the different levels of the ofrenda and kind of made it a little bit educational to kind of dive into what some of those key elements are. So, I’m excited for people to come.”


The event is open tonight until 11pm at Don Rizo’s, 312 North Court street in Fayetteville.

Cost is $30 at the door, which includes live music, appetizer buffet (things like handmade tamales and pan de muerto — traditional day of the dead bread)… and two drink tickets.

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