Dollywood Foundation Imagination Library program supplies millions of children with books


WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – The state board of education announced that 37,000 students would be receiving free books for summer reading activities.

The state partnered with the Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library program to help supply the books. The Foundation has been working for decades to supply kids all over the world with reading material.

The Executive Director of the Dollywood Foundation Nora Briggs told us that they believe all kids should have access to books, especially this summer during the pandemic.

“With daycare facilities, Head Start, preschools, most of them closed or limiting contact, a lot of the younger children don’t have the opportunity to have print-rich content. So we’re especially trying to encourage communities to get involved. To start an Imagination Library program,” Briggs said.

The Dollywood Foundation supplies more than 1.6 million books every month to kids across the world.

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