Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Your Health?

ABC NEWS-  You’ve just lost an hour of sleep today — will it hurt you?


We lose an hour on the clock to get more daylight into our day in the morning. As we get closer to spring, the evenings will become increasingly brighter, too.


Are there health risks are involved with spring’s switch to daylight saving?


Every day, the time after waking up in the morning is the time of day with the highest risk for a heart attack to happen. Researchers found a 5 percent greater risk of heart attack in the three workdays after DST -– because we are all waking up earlier than usual.


Losing that hour of sleep follows you on your way to work, too, since sleepiness is thought to be the reason why there are more traffic accidents and workplace injuries following switch-over-Sunday.


You can also change your sleep hours -– just a little, it will make Monday morning feel a little better.

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