Democrats speak out against West Virginia’s abortion law decision

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – Just over a month ago, West Virginia Legislators were called into session to come to a consensus regarding the state’s abortion law.

A couple of days ago, the decision was made to ban them, now becoming the latest state to authorize a near-total ban on the termination of a pregnancy.

However, it’s not going without some opposition. Passing 77 to 17 in the House and 22 to 7 in the Senate, some Democratic legislators now speak out against it.

Senate Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin was joined by Senator Ron Stollings and other members of the Democratic caucus to give their remarks on the bill’s passing.

They are concerned about the long-term effects it could have on people receiving the care they need in a medical crisis, among other negative impacts it could bring.

“We just shouldn’t be making these decisions,” Senator Baldwin says.

“My concern is more about, not the person who wants to have an abortion, my concern is the new family that wants to have a child, and they want good prenatal care, they want good delivery services on the day the baby comes, and they want good post-natal care, and if they have a problem they want good specialists,” Dr. Stollings says.

The democratic legislators say that the issue was thrown upon them yesterday after 40 days without any discussion regarding the abortion matter. They were given a brand-new abortion bill just the other day.

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