Democratic Nominee for Governor Ben Salango begins bus tour for campaign

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Ben Salango, the Democratic Nominee for Governor in the 2020 election, began a bus tour throughout West Virginia today. His first two stops this morning were in Raleigh and Fayette County.

The Raleigh County native began his tour close to home and is eager to campaign throughout the state as November approaches.

“My campaign is all about public service,” Salango said. “It’s not about self-service. We need a governor who’s actually going to be a true leader, a decisive leader, and move West Virginia forward. We have a lot of issues, in addition to COVID-19. We can’t just focus on one thing or the other. We need someone who’s focused on all of West Virginia, and focused on West Virginians and their problems.”

Several Fayette County representatives turned out to show their support for Salango. Delegate Dr. Margaret Staggers says one of his appealing traits is how he presents himself as relatable to West Virginians.

“They are actually with us working people and the people that actually are worried about what we’re going to do about our babies going back to school,” said 32nd District Delegate Dr. Margaret Staggers. “How are we going to take care of our family that has opioid problems? How are we going to be able to go to work and make money before this whole thing falls apart?”

The first day of school in West Virginia is still set for September 8. Salango addressed the upcoming year, as well as the strategy and negotiations behind current plans throughout the state.

“It’s unfortunate that when we make a back-to-school plan, that our teachers, that our school service personnel, didn’t have a seat at the table,” Salango said. “Our parents didn’t have a seat at the table. They were given options. The state needed to show true leadership, and unfortunately, it didn’t. Left it up to all of the individual counties. There needed to be more state involvement. We didn’t see that. I’m a parent. I’m praying that everything goes well. That our kids, our teachers, school service personnel are all safe, and that we can all get through this.”

Salango added that he’s honored to be beginning his tour, and that he’s excited to bring new leadership to West Virginia.

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