Delegate Wilson Introduces Bill to Limit Gender Reassignment and Hormone Therapy for Minors

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Delegate S. Marshall Wilson, I-Berkeley, today announced the introduction of a bill to limit gender reassignment surgeries and hormone replacement therapies to consenting adults in this state.

House Bill 4609 would create new code stating that any minor seeking gender reassignment surgery before 18 years of age shall be denied any such request on the basis that the minor cannot provide consent for gender reassignment surgery by any licensed healthcare provider that provides services in this state.

“It is my belief that it’s simple common sense to recognize that irreversible, life-altering decisions such as permanently changing the appearance and function of one’s body or losing the ability to procreate should be made by thoughtful adults rather than by adolescents,” said Delegate Wilson.

Additionally, the bill states parents, guardians, or other legal custodians of a minor child seeking gender reassignment surgery may not substitute his or her consent for that of the minor child for purposes of circumventing this proposed new law, if passed.

House Bill 4609 was introduced Jan. 30 and was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

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