Courthouse operating with limited access to the public

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Wyoming County Commission announced last week that it will be limiting public access to the county courthouse until further notice.

The commission is striving to keep as many business operations going inside the courthouse as possible. With the number of COVID cases rising in the county, putting a cap on the number of people in the courthouse was a necessary step.

“What we’re trying to do is limit as much access in and out of the courthouse and person to person contact here,” said Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins. “Not only for the safety for our employees, but also for the safety of the public who’s coming in and out.”

Since the limited access was put in place, different departments are working together to keep operations as normal as possible.

“The Deputy at the front door has been helping out the other offices by transferring stuff to and from them and contacting them if they need somebody to come out and assist them,” said Chief Deputy Bradley Ellison. “The operation of the courthouse is on a limited basis, but it’s still going on.”

While the public might not have the in-person access that was previously afforded, county officials are still committed to providing what’s necessary in terms of business.

“When they come here to get something accomplished, we want to make sure it gets finished and complete that day,” Mullins said. “Some services are taking a little longer, but our employees here, our staff members here at the courthouse are doing absolutely everything that they can to make sure that we are continuing to do business exactly how we need to.”

There’s no timeline yet for when the allotted number of people inside will increase, but you shouldn’t expect a drop off in the responsibilities of the courthouse and its employees.

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