Concord University wears red to support the troops

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – For the past month, students, faculty and staff at Concord University have been participating in a new initiative to support active duty troops.

It’s called Remember Everyone Deployed, a way to show support for troops who are away from home, either overseas or domestically. 

Dr. George Williams with Concord University is a veterans advocate and veteran himself. He says initiatives like these can go a long way.

“Being deployed can be difficult. Everything you know is turned on its head and the world is strange. To know that people back home are thinking about you, it means the world.”

Remember Everyone Deployed is a nation-wide initiative, but it’s a new thing for Concord. The university goes through many steps to make life easier for veterans on their campus, such as providing academic and social programs for them. And this newest initiative they think will take things just a bit further.

“It’s a way for folks on campus to take a few moments each week and think about the folks on active duty.”

To kick things off, the University was handing Red shirts to students, and everyone who gets one is signing a Concord Flag which will be sent overseas to the 111th Engineer Brigade. They’re also sending out care packages. 

“Hopefully those two things will be positive, and remind them that we’re here thinking about them.”

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