Concord University uses chat bot to help deliver information on COVID-19

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – Concord University is using chat bot technology to help process information about COVID-19 to students.

The chat bot is a piece of software that uses AI to help answer students’ questions about COVID-19, without a human needing to do any interaction.

Cayce Will, the Chief Information Officer at Concord, says the bot will be able to assist students all the time, while freeing up the burden on staff.

“They pop up a little chat box saying ‘Hey, I see you’re interested in our stuff, how can we help you?’ And that’s really the power of them. There’s oftentimes not a real human being behind that, at least not initially, because a piece of software can service your request 24/7, 365,” Will said.

The bot will eventually be able to answer general questions about Concord for potential and current students. 

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