Concord University adds new cybersecurity degree

Concord University is offering a new degree starting this fall.

It’s a bachelor of science in cybersecurity and will give students the basic skills they need for a wide range of careers with organizations ranging from the FBI to Lockheed Martin.

“This is an innovative, in-demand program. We’re proud and excited to bring it to Southern West Virginia. There has been a growing demand for this from both students, government officials, and the industry. Our caring and dedicated faculty look forward to launching students into new careers for years to come,” Assistant Director of Computer Science Lonnie Bowe said.

The degree builds on the pre-existing computer science department, and the program will offer classes that are not available at other state institutions.

To get the degree, students will have to pass classes that teach secure coding, reverse engineering, and program management.

Career development will be built into the program.

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