AAA gives college-bound students property protection tips

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – AAA released some tips for college-bound students on how to keep protection on their belongings.

According to Consumer Reports, college dorm rooms can be a hot spot for thieves, as it is estimated that two roommates could have approximately $6,000 or more worth of electronics.

AAA released multiple tips on how to protect property while students move into dorms and apartments.

AAA Insurance Managing Director Dan Scroggins said, “Anybody that has a student going to college. You want to make sure that meeting with your insurance agent, having the right conversations about where they’re going to be living, and making sure they have the right coverage needed.”

Living in a dorm could mean that a parents’ homeowner insurance may cover certain personal possessions, but living in an apartment will require renters insurance.

AAA suggests leaving valuable items at home, such as expensive jewelry and other sentimental possessions.

“Of the instance of somebody who has a custom gaming computer or some other high-dollar item. You know, the coverage could be limited.”

As well as protecting belongings, AAA suggests taking care of all automobile needs before heading off to college.

It is also suggested to find a repair shop ahead of time to be familiarized with the area and workers, as well as being prepared for roadside emergencies.

“AAA Car Care Centers will do a free inspection on the vehicle.”

Scoggins said that one of the most important tips is making a dorm inventory when arriving in case you need to file a claim, as an up-to-date list will make the process easier.

You can find Car Care Centers here:

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