C&O Cleaners and Laundromat set to reopen

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – After being closed for 2 months, an Oak Hill dry cleaning company will soon reopen. 

C&O Cleaners will be opening back up in a few weeks to continue offering drop Dry Cleaning Service. The announcement comes after the cleaners gained new ownership. The new owners say they are most excited about keeping the doors open, since the cleaners have been in business for almost 93 years. 

“We’re pretty excited actually. To have something that’s been here in Oak Hill for 92 years and actually it is going to be 93 years in May. So it’s pretty amazing to be a part of something that has been around so long,” said owner Kevin Willis.

C&O Cleaners and Laundromat is looking to hire new employees. If you’re interested you can drop off your resume at DTE Repair & Towing, which is located next door to the laundromat.

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