City of Oak Hill accepting letters of interest for vacant Ward I council seat

The city of Oak Hill is accepting letters of interest for the vacant Ward 1 Council seat recently held by Councilwoman Christa Hodges.

Hodges recently announced her resignation for a new opportunity, where she is not able to hold an elected office. She said, ‘My love for the city of Oak Hill has not changed but my job has.'”

“We’re gonna miss her, she’s been a champion for Oak Hill and she’s gonna continue she has assured us,” said Mayor Charles Briscoe. “But her position has been vacated; she’s furthering her career — which is a wonderful thing and we applaud that.”

Oak Hill is accepting letters of interest for that vacant seat.

“If anyone has any interest, please send us a letter outlining your qualifications and that will be due by January 8 at 4:30 pm,” the mayor said. “Council will take time to go over those letters and a decision will be made. Just having a general interest in the city and wanting to see it grow… anything like that helps.”

According to Briscoe, when it comes to city council, they are all layman — some are veterans. The mayor is new and a couple of other council people are as well. Their qualifications are from different backgrounds.

Ward 1’s coverage area is uptown from the Main Street Bridge. A position like this is very important and gives the citizens a voice.

“Anyone that has concerns for any of the wards speak to your councilperson or council larsh or me, or come up and talk to our city manager.”

What are the citizens most concerned about?

“It’s the usual concerns with sidewalks and roads, keeping litter off the streets — and places for our children and places for adults to go and enjoy family time and everything.”

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