City of Kimball finishing display to honor coal history

KIMBALL, WV (WOAY) – Officials in Kimball are working on a project to honor the rich history of coal in the area.

Kimball wrote a grant to its Coal Heritage Office for $25,000 to fix up a coal mine motor and car to display. The motor and car were both originally used at Lake Superior Coal Company, next to Welch, in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

“We’re trying to look at every town in the county to do some kind of a coal history project,” said McDowell County Historical Society President Jay Chatman. “Kind of a standardization throughout the county. We have a lot of tourism coming in here with the ATV trails. A lot of them want to know about the coal history. We get questions all of the time. They want to see company’s tour buildings.”

The entire display honoring the coal history in Kimball will hopefully be open in the spring.

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