City of Hinton receives sewage grant

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – This week, the City of Hinton received two small city grants totaling to 3 million dollars to help improve sewage service for those living in Hinton.

“One of the problems that we have is that we’re trying to get the people to take their storm drains out of the sewer drains to help better utilize our sewage plant,” Mayor of Hinton, Joe Blankenship.

According to Hinton Mayor Joe Blankenship the project is long past over due and will come at no direct cost to residents.

“A couple of years ago we wrote the grants and were denied one time and this year we were approved. Hopefully very soon we can get started for this much needed project,” Blankenship.

Blankenship says it will improve the quality of life for Hinton residents.

“Now with this grant, thanks to our governor we are going to be able to help improve our infrastructure for our people and give them a better quality of living,” said Blankenship.

According to Mayor Blankenship the new sewage project will effect over 200 households.

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