City of Hinton announces trick-or-treat times

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – The City of Hinton has just announced that they will be hosting trick-or-treating for this Halloween.

Last year, many towns and cities canceled trick-or-treating due to concerns with COVID-19. However, the local government in Hinton told residents last year that they would host trick-or-treating, but with a few rules–and they’re bringing that idea back for this year. 

“We’re asking locals if they want to participate, to turn on their porch light,” City Manager Cris Meadows said. “And if they don’t want to participate, to turn their lights off. There’s still tons of people that are sensitive about the COVID situation, and they don’t want to participate.”

The idea is that those who don’t want to participate can simply avoid the situation altogether by turning off their lights. 

Last year, the CDC recommended that people avoid trick-or-treating altogether. However many cities across the nation decided to host trick-or-treating anyway. Because of this, the CDC developed basic guidelines for trick-or-treaters to stay safe. 

The CDC recommends that kids still wear masks while trick-or-treating due to the potential for large groups. Social distancing is still highly encouraged. 

According to the City of Hinton, hosting trick-or-treating, especially in troubling times like these, can give kids a fun experience that they shouldn’t miss out on.

“There’s just so many kids that enjoy the Trick-or-Treating experience. We don’t want to hamper a generation from being able to enjoy this fun pastime.” 

Trick-or-treating will take place in Hinton on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 6:30-8 p.m.

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