City of Gary auctioning off older police cars to raise money for first new police vehicle in decades

GARY, WV (WOAY) – The City of Gary is attempting to raise money to buy a new police cruiser.

The town is auctioning off three older police cars to help raise money for a newer one and is also applying for a grant that would match what money they put into the car.

Police Chief S.P. McKinney says the small town’s police force hasn’t bought a new vehicle in more than 20 years. 

“The last new police car Gary bought was in 1999. And we’ve had to borrow cars, or bum cars, or buy used cars since. So we found a program where we can put some in for a grant application to buy a new vehicle,” McKinney said.

Bidding on the cars will last until this Tuesday, June 16. Those interested in bidding on a car can contact Gary City Hall at (304) 448-2209 for more details. 

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